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Alumni Transcript Request

Please allow at least five workdays for transcript order fulfillment for alumni who graduated prior to 2010. Please ensure that when you submit your Parchment request you do so with the legal name used while attending our school. Your transcript is your official proof of graduation, not your diploma, which is merely a ceremonial document.


If you have questions, please
contact Mrs. Henne at 248.203.3754

Transcript Request

Parchment offers a secure and efficient method of electronically sending your official high school transcript. Within a span of 24 hours, the transcripts are dispatched and instantly received by the designated institution. Additionally, Parchment provides confirmation of the transcript's delivery. Former students are encouraged to visit the platform and either utilize their existing login credentials or create a new account.

Current Student Request

An exclusive and personal account has been created to grant every student access to their individual academic records. This feature proves beneficial in various scenarios such as self-evaluation, keeping track of GPA, engaging in community service or volunteering, applying for scholarships, participating in summer camps and athletics, as well as availing insurance discounts.

To avoid any confusion, it is recommended that you do not request transcripts for potential college entrance until the start of senior year in high school. Once you reach senior year, you can utilize this platform to send your information to the colleges and universities of your choosing. This method is quick, simple, and convenient, ensuring that your transcripts are received promptly alongside your online college applications. It is worth noting that once you have registered with Parchment, you will have the ability to request transcripts at any time in the future, even after you have graduated.

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Register with Parchment

Follow the step-by-step instructions given by Parchment. Use the provided user name and password to log onto your account. Underclassmen can request a “self view” for GPA monitoring and progress towards graduation requirements. If you need some help registering with Parchment, contact the Registrar.


Senior Year

Login to your Parchment account and search for the colleges you would like your transcripts sent to. Select each college you want your transcripts sent to and complete your request. If you need some assistance requesting transcripts with Parchment, contact in the Registrar Office.