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Dual Enrollment

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Lauren Mbereko
Pupil Accounting Specialist

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What is Dual Enrollment?

Make more of high school by jump-starting your college career. Dual enrollment allows students to begin taking free dual enrollment classes as high school freshmen and allows students to take up to 10 courses overall through senior year. Administered through the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), the program is also referred as “Early College,” "Early-Middle College," “Post-secondary,” and/or “Career & Technical Education” (CTE) preparation, provides students the opportunity to earn academic and/or CTE college credits while still in high school.

Documents to turn in to BPS Central Office (Pupil Accounting):

  1. BPS Dual Enrollment application 
  2. Copy of the college/university acceptance letter with institution student ID number
  3. Current schedule showing enrolled dual enrollment classes (class name would have "DE" listed after it)
  4. Current transcript.


  • Student must be at least a high school freshmen or approved.
  • Must be concurrently enrolled in at least one high school class.
  • At least one parent/legal guardian must be a Michigan resident.
    • Exception exists if student is experiencing homelessness
  • Must have qualifying score on ACT, PSAT or MME exams
    • If a qualifying score is not achieved, the pupil is limited to subject area(s) for which a qualifying score has been achieved or courses such as computer science, foreign languages not offered by the local school district and fine arts courses unless the district has determined it to be in the pupil’s best educational interest to support the enrollment.


Not Eligible

  • Students participating in intercollegiate athletics at postsecondary institution.
  • Excludes foreign exchange pupils enrolled under a cultural exchange program (J-1 Visa).
  • Can't exceed four years of high school (with exceptions).
    • Pupils enrolled for a fifth year of high school under an early middle college (EMC) program are not subject to course limitations and are eligible. See PAM section 5-G-B for more detailed information on these pupils.
  • Must not be enrolled in more than 10 postsecondary courses unless district elects to support a pupil’s enrollment beyond this limit. Also, a written agreement between the district and postsecondary institution must exist for pupil to waive limit.
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Always be aware of important dates and deadlines needed to comply with dual enrollment requirements at each school. Please note, the provider must be based in Michigan and use Michigan certified teachers.