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Dear Seaholm Parents:

Parent- Teacher Conferences will be held virtually on Thursday, April 25, 2024 from 4pm- 7pm. This site will ask you to enter your name, your student’s name, your phone number, and your email address. Then it will allow you to schedule your preferred conference times. All conferences must adhere to the five-minute timeline to ensure that all parents who signed up will be able to meet at their designated time. 

Due to scheduling conflicts, some teachers are holding conferences outside of the 4pm to 7pm window or on different days so please pay attention to the conference dates and times offered for each teacher.

If all of the conference times are listed as “Break”, that teacher is unavailable. Please contact them directly regarding your child’s progress. 

PTCfast will send reminders to your email address in the days leading up to the conferences. These reminders will contain the Zoom links for your scheduled meeting with your child’s teachers. If your reminder email does not contain a Zoom link, you should receive the Zoom link directly from the teacher via email on the day of conferences. If you have any questions regarding the Zoom link for your meeting, you should contact the teacher. 

Conference times are limited. The deadline for conference sign-up is Wednesday, April 24, 2024. No sign-ups are allowed after this date.

If the teacher that you are seeking to meet with does not have any available time slots on the PTCfast site, please email that teacher directly to discuss options for talking about your child’s progress during a mutually agreed upon time.

Click here for conference sign up:

For conference sign up with a Groves teacher, click here:

Thank you,

Your Seaholm Admin Team

On behalf of the faculty and staff, we would like to cordially to invite you to participate in parent-teacher conferences.

These conferences, which are held three times during the school year, provide an opportunity for parents to meet individually with teachers to communicate about the academic progress of their students. To accommodate the needs of all families, each conference should be limited to three (3) to five (5) minutes. If you desire a more in-depth conference, please email and schedule a meeting with the teacher.

To prepare for conferences, we ask that you access your student’s progress via your Power School Parent Portal.  You may also email teachers for an update in those classes in which your child is excelling. Using these options prior to conferences may eliminate the need to meet with some teachers.

If you need assistance accessing the PowerSchool Parent Portal, please contact Mrs. Balow at 248.203.3751 or by email at

We know that students are best served when parents, teachers, and counselors are all in close communication.  

Information for parent-teacher conferences will be distributed through parent email and available on our website. Please contact your student’s teachers via email if those dates and times are not convenient for you.

We Ask From Parents the Following:
  1. Check the on-line grades and attendance prior to coming to conferences.
  2. Read and follow the directions for registering for a conference time. These will be shared via parent email and on our website.
  3. Discuss the upcoming conferences with your son/daughter and see if there are any particular topics which he/she would like to have you discuss with a faculty member, or whether an email would be appropriate.
  4. Feel free to write down discussion questions ahead of time and take notes during the conference to share with your son/daughter.
  5. Limit your conversation with a teacher to three to five minutes--shorter as other parents will be waiting.  If a lengthy conference is necessary, the teachers will be pleased to set up a subsequent appointment.