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Character Education

What is Character Education at Seaholm?

As a recipient of the 2020 National School of Character, we believe wholeheartedly in teaching content through essential moral and civic education. Our charge is to prepare citizen-ready students for our world.

Character education is, as defined by research through, the intentional effort to develop in young people core ethical and performance values that are widely affirmed across all cultures. To be effective, character education must include all stakeholders in a school community and must permeate the school climate, culture, teaching and learning.

The term character education encompasses a broad range of prosocial constructs, strategies and programs including positive school culture, moral education, just communities, caring school communities, socio-emotional learning, positive youth development, civic education, and service learning.

All of these approaches promote the intellectual, social, emotional and ethical development of young people and share a commitment to help young people become responsible, caring and contributing citizens.

The National School of Character initiative has had a significant impact on approximately three million students, staff, parents, and community members. Schools and school districts that wish to participate in the program must meet the demanding criteria outlined in's 11 Principles Framework for schools. An evaluation process, conducted by a team of experienced educators, is carried out to assess how a school's "shared values" are inspiring students to make ethical choices. This evaluation includes an on-site visit to the school.