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Seaholm provides a wide range of community service opportunities and clubs to foster an environment of helping others. This not only benefits our community, but also enables students to cultivate empathy, broaden their perspectives, establish connections with others, and experience the satisfaction of making a positive impact. To stay updated on the latest volunteer opportunities, we highly encourage students to join the Community Service Remind.

To Join the Community Service Remind: 

  • Last name A-L:
    • Text @servea-l to 81010 to receive weekly community service offerings. 
  • Last name M-Z:
    • Text @servem-z to 81010 to receive weekly community service offerings. 

Seaholm Community Service Requirements

BPS does not require community service for graduation.

Nevertheless, community service plays a crucial role in the high school journey and is considered a norm. Whether students participate in service learning within a classroom setting, through extracurricular activities, or independently, it is essential for them to keep track of their community service hours for various purposes such as college applications, scholarships, awards or the National Honor Society.

Students are advised to maintain a record of their involvement in service projects, including details such as dates, hours, and contact information. This practice should commence during the summer of their first year in college.

Contact Us:

Katie Parker
Community School Organizer (CSO)


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Community Service Opportunities

Seaholm collaborates with its community to provide students with volunteer service possibilities. 


If you have a community service opportunity you would like to share, please contact:

Katie Parker
Community School Organizer (CSO)

Scholarships & Awards

Every year, there are chances to receive scholarships, accolades, and acknowledgement for your contributions to the community. Explore our expanding catalog of scholarships and awards! 

If a student has participated in a community service project or activity, it is important for them to maintain a record of the hours they have spent and the tasks they have undertaken. This record will be useful when applying for community service awards at various times throughout the year.